Stop That Inner Race And Let Things Take Their Course

Sometimes in our lives it seems that we run an endless marathon, running an inner race against that (misleading) feeling of getting nothing done.

Yes, I’m in the middle in one of these marathons right now and you might be right with me on that track as well. Maybe you just don’t realize it yet.

Follow me for a moment in my current life so that you’re able to understand what I’m trying to talk about here:

The last few days and weeks, I came across a lot of inspiring people on the internet. PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING and try to make the world a better place! They use their huge following and their “online-fame” for a purpose that is much greater than just owning the newest products and representing their “perfect little lives” online for everyone to watch.

I don’t have a huge following, but still I want to be one of these people who try to make a difference and refuse to be silent on certain topics. I made big plans on how to use my blog in a better way, get rid of all the unnecessary stuff and change the whole thing into something epic.

But then it got pretty quiet here. I’m in a phase of my life that requires all of my attention in another place right now. So, it doesn’t matter how many ideas I have at the moment, because I’ll simply not be able to implement them in the coming months so that they are basically on hold for now.

Yes, life wants me to be somewhere else, but I could simply not understand that. My entire body is against it. I rush with things, I’m not concentrated, I just want to do everything at once so that I get at least a few things done but the truth is, that in the end I accomplish nothing and that’s extremely frustrating.

Are you still with me? Did you ever feel the same way?

I asked myself why on earth we feel that way and why is it such an unpleasant feeling?

Now, I’m generally not an expert on things but I’m pretty sure it’s because we constantly hurry in our fast-paced society. When we hurry we’re stressed, unbalanced, nervous, unconcentrated… and that’s only a small part of what this crazy haste does to you and your environment.

There is a nice quote from Lao Tzu that says:

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”
– Lao Tzu

Since humanity always interferes with nature, it’s no wonder that we’re approaching things totally wrong here as well. We try to cram as many tasks as possible into every single minute of our days, so that we almost forget to take breaks from now and then and just breathe and be in the moment.

So what can we do about it?

I thought about the most important steps that we could do to ease up a bit. It’s like a small journey with different stages in-between:

  1. Accept that we can’t do everything at once and that that’s perfectly fine
    That is the beginning of the journey. We have to remind ourselves that there is a tomorrow. A new day with 24 new amazing hours to spent.
  2. Cut down on things
    There is this huge thing that wants my full attention. So just give in. Why constantly fight it? When you’re done with it, go back to that other stuff you wanted to do. It will NOT be to late then.
  3. Organize, Plan, do whatever you need to get things done
    That’s pretty basic and a very common tip but it’s absolutely necessary: Plan out your entire day and the tasks you want to get done. Only if you know what you want to accomplish you can actually work towards that goal. The only mistake you can make here is to lose yourself in that planning process. You absolutely have to avoid that my friend. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.
  4. Take some deep breaths and have some “me time”
    Now that you reached this step you can concentrate on the important things, but you should not forget the “to be balanced” part. You want some time for yourself, you want breaks, you want to keep on reading that good book you just started, or keep on painting that epic piece of art you didn’t finish yet.

Strive for a peaceful and balanced life. Try to be more like nature for once and still get things done. I’ll also give my best now to do that and to be able to concentrate on the bigger and more fun things afterwards.

See you then!


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