Birthday Present for My Husband

My hubby just had his birthday. Like every year, I was wracked with anxiety about buying him a gift. UGH. It is so hard. So difficult to do that. It is not easy at all! Nothing is easy about buying a gift for someone you love— until you discover EXACTLY what you are supposed to buy. Usually, I buy him something nice. For example, I was looking at best watches under 500. I have bought him a watch before and he really loved it. But I kind of wanted to buy him something that he NEVER gets as a gift. So, I started thinking about what he buys for himself when he has some extra money (and permission) and I realized I have always been intimidated to buy him his favorite stuff: outdoor gear. I never want to buy him the wrong tent, the wrong grill, or anything like that. Luckily, I found this great site called Survival cooking which has an amazing array of reviews on all sorts of outdoor gear. I was most interested in buying him a cooler. Coolers are something that are really important, and he has stayed loyal to a subpar cooler that is in desperate need of replacement– he is so loyal to it for some reason– but that is one of the reasons I love him; he is so loyal and dedicated to the people and things that he loves. It is sweet, but I still think he will be excited about a new cooler!

Learn to Let Go

“Limited thinking causes you to live a limited life” – Joel Osteen

Life is always going to have its ups and downs. Sometimes the downs are really huge and quite life changing. It’s in those times, how we respond to it is the key to making it through it.

We always have a choice. We can choose to dwell on it and dwell on it and dwell on it…. OR, we can choose to accept it, learn from it, and move on. If we can learn to do that, we can find the ups in life again.

I experienced one of the worst days in my life a year ago this week. I allowed myself the time I needed to cry, hurt, hide away from the world, question myself, and so on – we all need that time to heal ourselves. Some take longer than others to make it through the healing process that’s needed after any devastating event, and that’s okay. However, there DOES come a time to put it behind you or you will never completely heal and see the joys life has in store for you.let go

The moment I accepted that my husband left me and that it wasn’taccept my fault, I started to heal. Now, I could choose to remain angry and hurt and devastated (bitter? yes, still…), BUT, I realized that by allowing myself to continually experience those emotions was actually allowing him to continue to have a place in my life even though he had moved on. What good was that doing me??? NONE!!!

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you’ve forgiven, agree with, or even understand why something has happened; it just means that you are not going to allow it to hold you back any longer. Acceptance puts peace in your heart. Acceptance frees you.

choose happyMy main point to this is: if you allow yourself to continually dwell on all the bad things that has ever happened to you in your life, you will never be able to see all the good that is waiting for you. Don’t limit yourself to the negative thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to stay trapped in the downside of life. Let it go.

Change your way of thinking, change your way of seeing things, and you’ll be amazed at all the happiness that is around you and a part of you.

move on

360 cameras

My Geeky Take on 360 Cameras

Everything You Need To Know About 360 Camera


In the past few years, technology has really evolved. The 21st century has been a game changer for the world of tech. From cellular phones to GPS, from personal computers to the internet.

Now One of the best inventions is the development of 360 cameras. These cameras consist of multiple cameras connected with each so that they all record at one instant producing a spherical image.

Our earth is spherical but we have been seeing it as flat for ages( I mean 2D images!). We have been recording all that videos in the wrong way just because we never thought that it could be possible to record all the surroundings in just one picture. Thanks to the universe of tech! which brought 360 cameras for us. So, we could record all the details around us and see them from all the aspects. Flat pictures and videos are history now. Experts are convinced that Virtual reality( 360 cameras) will overtake the flat pictures in the coming future.

For those who don’t know about how “360 cameras” work

360 cameras


360 cameras consist of sets of minute cameras arranged in an order to record images from surroundings in an instant. Then these minute cameras process that detail into one spherical image. Actually, this mixing of several pictures and showing them as one is called stitching. By doing this you could see a picture with up and down, front and the back, also right and left.


In the past idea of 360 cameras was presented by some camera experts and they used sets of different cameras aligned at different angles and direction. Those sets of high-resolution cameras recorded videos which are later mixed by several algorithms and techniques. It was the work, of experts and it took lots of hard work to build something like that. Later, the idea evolved and few companies step forward to build cameras for public and enhance the user experience.

Now all the giant companies like google, youtube, and facebook are bidding on virtual reality and 360 experience. It would be a home run in the future.

Perks of 360

360 cameras could be used in many ways according to everyone’s taste. Like gamers could use it to enhance their gaming experience and their virtual reality experience in games. Not just gamers anyone can use it like a tourist could use it to capture some of the beautiful pictures in just one click (A 360 click!). A cyclist could use it to capture all the journey from every angle( interesting!).

A social person could share some awesome moments at facebook or youtube( any social platform) just for sharing the experience. Just imagine you want to visit some great library or theme park or anyplace you loved or dreamed about. But you never had experience of going there. But you can be there by seeing every detail of it in 360 videos( welcome to the Future!).

So, these are just a few examples how vast our future going to be. The future of virtual reality!

I am using a 360 cameras and it’s the best. Like I could capture every moment like from every angle(cool!). I bought that camera from “Here”. And since then I have been availing all the perks of it.

This technology was quite expensive in the start. But now some companies are producing some amazing 360 cameras with economical prices(Thanks to them!). So when I knew about some great offers at Here. I went for it and bought a cool camera so I could enjoy this new era of tech.

Guess what valentine’s day is on( yeah). It’s time to grab a cool gift for your valentine(what’s better than a camera). Or if you have bought your gift you could use this camera to capture some amazing lovely pictures with your valentine.

I strongly recommend you to buy a  360 cameras as you could see some great economical deals from “Here”.

Have a lovely day dears!

If you like this article leave a comment. Or if you are using some 360 cameras share your experience with us.

Inspirations on Real Estate Marketing

In one of my usual reading on magazines and books, I stumbled upon an article about striving for success through hard work and dedication. One example the article related was a story about a man who is persistent in his craft and has built his own company from zero to success. He is a real estate marketing consultant who reaped fruits of his labours with the success of his business. I gathered inspiration with his story. Continue reading “Inspirations on Real Estate Marketing”

A Weekend Itinerary to Vancouver

So, I’ve been checking out real estate, activities in Vancouver and I am thinking about taking a trip up to the Greater Vancouver area to look at some properties in the Burnaby area. I know that real estate prices just keep going up over there, and my family is considering investing in some land. It’s always tough to tell whether you should be investing in something when the prices are going up, but people have been refraining from investing over the last couple years, and had they invested they would have made Millions.

I’ve been in contact with a Vancouver Realtor who has told me to invest and has even suggested me to go check out Coal Harbour condos for sale, and he seems like a really trustworthy and knowledgeable guy. So, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do, but it’s a family decision and it’s not one that’s all in my hands anyway. So, in the meantime, I think there’s a lot of things to do in Vancouver and that area anyway.

Some of the things that we’re planning on doing, other than checking a real estate, include going to a Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey game, scaling Grouse Mountain, and taking a walking tour of downtown Vancouver, starting in Gastown. Those are some of the things that have been suggested. Also, we’re just going to eat a whole lot of sushi, since we’ll be coming to the coast from the mid west, and that kind of sushi is not available in all of the other places we’ve visited recently it that kind of price, and that level of freshness.


 So, technically, we’re going to check out some real estate and I’ve compiled a list of Burnaby condos for sale that I think are interesting, but also we’re just going to enjoy this city that keeps Landing in top five and top ten lists for most popular and interesting cities in the world. I’ve never been to Vancouver, but it seems like a really exciting place and I think it’s going to be a great experience.

My Dilemma with Stock Photos Solved!

Okay, so this one goes out to anybody else who runs a blog or website, or basically anybody that has had to use stock photography before. I know that for me, stock photography is a really difficult thing to navigate. I always seem to have trouble finding a good source for it. I literally just finished building my site with a website builder too..

I just think that it is not a realm that is full of very effective solutions and a lot of the methods that are recommended by other bloggers and online personalities are not the kind of thing that I consider to be very good. I was actually super surprised by how impressed I have been by the services that EyeEm provides regarding stock photography.

Stock Photos have always just been such a huge annoying for me, and sometimes I feel that the blog post I’m riding isn’t getting the justice it deserves with the image that I end up attaching to it. So, when my friend recommended this, I was initially pretty skeptical because I’ve never had success with an online stock photography resource before, but I really do have to admit that this absolutely changed my mind and I will be using this provider probably forever.

So, of course, I suggest EyeEm if you need some stock photography solutions, or are just looking to try something new to decorate your blog posts with, as we have all learned that attaching it and image is an essential part of a blog post, and without it– well, you are severely harming yourself and the chances for your blog and individual posts to succeed.

Even if your previous or current stock photography sites are not the best, the service that they provide is still absolutely invaluable. So, I appreciate everybody who tries to supply stock photography, but honestly this is the only great website that I have found so far.

How You Can Market Your App

Are you a budding businessman with a website and an app? While most already know how to market a website, are you also interested in finding out how to sell your app?

Let’s say your app is just new. It was recently launched but it does not have a wide reach yet. How do you plan to make it work?

Here’s my guide for you for a nice app marketing strategy according to Entrepreneur Magazine:

  1. Make friends with the press

The press can be your friends! Invite them to check out your app and review them. Give them tokens if you can in return.

2. Make a nice product video

Collaborate with a good animator and have a cool product app video you can use on your social media activations.

3. Be active on social media

Have Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even Google plus! Give a daily dose of information about the app. If possible, hold contests!

4. Have a blog or website

This is a platform where you app can get more focused. Share here the reviews of tech bloggers and press people. Also, write good content.

5. Email newsletters

It can be a weekly or monthly newsletter. Whatever you want, you can email potential clients and users for the updates of the app.

6. Go on speaking engagements where you can market your app

Hope these tips can help you on executing your app marketing strategy. Good luck!


School Inspired Sloppy Joes

February isn’t over yet and I’m still loving my school nutrition recipes!  I’m sharing the Sloppy Joe recipe that we used to make at school that I have since tweaked just a teensy little bit for here at home.  This is a frequently requested meal that is quite simple to make!  French Fries and a Tossed Salad compliment the Sloppy Joes and make it a complete and tasty meal for your family.

School Inspired Sloppy Joes

Rating: 5

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Yield: 16 sandwiches

Serving Size: 2 oz of Sloppy Joe

School Inspired Sloppy Joes

I always make a big pan of this as we love having it for lunches the next day!


  • 2 lbs Ground Beef
  • 1 small Yellow Onion – diced
  • 12 oz Tomato Paste
  • 1 Cup Ketchup
  • 1 Tbsp Yellow Mustard
  • 3/4 Cup Water
  • 2 Tsp Garlic Powder
  • 2 Tbsp White Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar
  • Dash of Black Pepper (to taste)
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Sliced Cheese


  1. Brown the ground beef and onions together until cooked through (Ground beef must reach a temperature of 145 degrees)
  2. Drain grease from beef and onions.
  3. Add all the remaining ingredients and mix until well blended in the beef.
  4. Bring to boil and then reduce to simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Place a slice of cheese on the hamburger bun before spooning Sloppy Joe onto the bun – the heat from the meat will melt the cheese
  6. Watch the smiles as everyone enjoys their meal!