November 2016

Change doesn’t happen overnight. The same goes for the change of this blog, but starting from today a small new section will lighten up my months: My new, improved and much more helpful version of the “Monthly Favorites”.

Slowly, slowly things change here on my blog. Also my “monthly favorites” will no longer be what they have been so far. I constantly want to share inspiring thoughts and helpful information and at the same time, document my own journey of change.

So here you go. This is the “new” version of my monthly favorites. They include what I learned, what I loved, what I have to share and what I achieved this month. Not every month might be the same, but I guess you get the basic idea of what it will look like from now on. 🙂

What I learned this month

I learned that losing a person is not the end of the world. Life goes on, if you want it or not. And your wounds will heal over time. May it be sooner or later, we will be fine again.

I learned that it’s important to speak up, when you have something to say. You should not stay quiet. I was a vegetarian for five years now and I had the “Don’t worry, eat your meat. Everyone should live as they please”-mentality. I stopped doing that now. From now on, I want to educate people, push them in the right direction and hope that they will open their eyes to the truth.

I learned that even I, who doesn’t have a lot of followers, can change the world a little bit. I use the things I currently have… my blog… my writing… my words… and use them for good. Who cares what beauty products I bought or how my skin routine is? I want to share ideas, important facts and use the things I do to create a better world.

I learned that going vegan is not hard at all. I always thought that this will be such a big change for me, almost impossible. And I know a lot of people think like that. The problem is we love convenience and we don’t want to think and do a lot in order to fill our stomachs. But you have to understand that as soon as you decide to be vegan it might take some time to find out what you like, which products you prefer etc., but after that short period of time you’ll get back that convenience. Everything will become easy again. Just get it over with.

What I loved this month

Vegan Sweets! I love them. For me, that was a big deal in becoming vegan as well. I always thought I might never find sweets that actually taste great. Of course it’s stupid to say that, because great taste does not excuse the suffering of countless animals every single second in slaughterhouses all around the world. But I’m writing this, because I know that a lot of other people still think exactly that way.

Just yesterday I tried out these Vegan Fudge Bars. I love the combination of chocolate and raspberries and I will definitely make them again.veganfudgebars

What I have to share this month

I have to share three incredible people that changed not only my life, but the life of countless people already. With every person I linked one video that I personally loved a lot. Please keep an open mind and check them out. They’re amazing!

Garry Yourofsky


Essena O’Neill

I also have to share my “Mind Bites”. A section here on my blog that serves to inform people, open their eyes and answers questions. This section is still under construction, but you might already find some things that are new to you or help you in a way.


What I achieved this month

I started using my private Facebook in kind of the same way that I use my blog right now. I share a lot of content there that is linked to Animal Rights, Veganism, and Environment. I don’t expect people to like, comment and share like crazy. I know almost nobody will do it. But maybe I reach one person. A person that is not ignorant and not entirely heartless. A person that receives these messages and actually changes for the better.

And I cannot tell you how happy it made me to see one person that actually responded to it in a positive way. A person I would have never thought of in the first place. Yes, it was “only” one person, but I reached someone and that makes me unbelievably proud. I will keep on doing this of course, because I know there is so much more that I can achieve. 🙂

What did you do this month? Did you achieve or learn something? Do you have something amazing to share? Please tell me in the comments.

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