Need to Go Out

I am quite bored here in my apartment. I have been sick for almost three days now. Nothing to worry about really. It’s just that I recently quit my job because I was tired of dealing with the traffic and all the people i need to interect with and so I am doing a freelance work now. And then this flu came and I need to take a rest for a couple of days. I mean i can’t afford to be sick all the time because my money will surely run  out  anytime. What if i get hospitalized? What if I wanted to travel now? I know choose this career so i really need to take care of myself. Any way, I am thinking to go out to the shopping mall tomorrow because I need to buy some new stuff. I think I need a new coffee maker because my old one just keep on disappointing me. And oh, some coffee beans too. I will have them ground in my sisters’ apartment. Hmm.. What else? I think I need new clothes too, and some watches,  Zegarki wooden watches maybe so amp up my outfits because my closet is a little boring these days. I am also eyeing to buy some new art materials for my desk, to spice it up. You see, i am a little boring these days because I have been on bed for days and i wasn’t able to clean my mess. My room is a total mess if you ask me. I need to get things organized or else I will get stucked! I need inspiration. Do you guys have suggestions maybe?


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