How You Can Market Your App

Are you a budding businessman with a website and an app? While most already know how to market a website, are you also interested in finding out how to sell your app?

Let’s say your app is just new. It was recently launched but it does not have a wide reach yet. How do you plan to make it work?

Here’s my guide for you for a nice app marketing strategy according to Entrepreneur Magazine:

  1. Make friends with the press

The press can be your friends! Invite them to check out your app and review them. Give them tokens if you can in return.

2. Make a nice product video

Collaborate with a good animator and have a cool product app video you can use on your social media activations.

3. Be active on social media

Have Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even Google plus! Give a daily dose of information about the app. If possible, hold contests!

4. Have a blog or website

This is a platform where you app can get more focused. Share here the reviews of tech bloggers and press people. Also, write good content.

5. Email newsletters

It can be a weekly or monthly newsletter. Whatever you want, you can email potential clients and users for the updates of the app.

6. Go on speaking engagements where you can market your app

Hope these tips can help you on executing your app marketing strategy. Good luck!