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My Geeky Take on 360 Cameras

Everything You Need To Know About 360 Camera


In the past few years, technology has really evolved. The 21st century has been a game changer for the world of tech. From cellular phones to GPS, from personal computers to the internet.

Now One of the best inventions is the development of 360 cameras. These cameras consist of multiple cameras connected with each so that they all record at one instant producing a spherical image.

Our earth is spherical but we have been seeing it as flat for ages( I mean 2D images!). We have been recording all that videos in the wrong way just because we never thought that it could be possible to record all the surroundings in just one picture. Thanks to the universe of tech! which brought the best 360 camera for us. So, we could record all the details around us and see them from all the aspects. Flat pictures and videos are history now. Experts are convinced that Virtual reality( 360 cameras) will overtake the flat pictures in the coming future.

For those who don’t know about how “360 cameras” work

360 cameras


360 cameras consist of sets of minute cameras arranged in an order to record images from surroundings in an instant. Then these minute cameras process that detail into one spherical image. Actually, this mixing of several pictures and showing them as one is called stitching. By doing this you could see a picture with up and down, front and the back, also right and left.


In the past idea of 360 cameras was presented by some camera experts and they used sets of different cameras aligned at different angles and direction. Those sets of high-resolution cameras recorded videos which are later mixed by several algorithms and techniques. It was the work, of experts and it took lots of hard work to build something like that. Later, the idea evolved and few companies step forward to build cameras for public and enhance the user experience.

Now all the giant companies like google, youtube, and facebook are bidding on virtual reality and 360 experience. It would be a home run in the future.

Perks of 360

360 cameras could be used in many ways according to everyone’s taste. Like gamers could use it to enhance their gaming experience and their virtual reality experience in games. Not just gamers anyone can use it like a tourist could use it to capture some of the beautiful pictures in just one click (A 360 click!). A cyclist could use it to capture all the journey from every angle( interesting!).

A social person could share some awesome moments at facebook or youtube( any social platform) just for sharing the experience. Just imagine you want to visit some great library or theme park or anyplace you loved or dreamed about. But you never had experience of going there. But you can be there by seeing every detail of it in 360 videos( welcome to the Future!).

So, these are just a few examples how vast our future going to be. The future of virtual reality!

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This technology was quite expensive in the start. But now some companies are producing some amazing 360 cameras with economical prices(Thanks to them!). So when I knew about some great offers at Here. I went for it and bought a cool camera so I could enjoy this new era of tech.

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Have a lovely day dears!

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