Hi! My name is Sabrina Milazzo. I’m a German photographer, painter, writer and translator with Italian roots, currently living in Athens, Greece.

When I was younger I never really felt being a part of this fast moving world where society expects you to perfectly perform every single second. I felt miserable, didn’t know what to do with my life and always hoped others could somehow figure it out for me. I mostly retreated from public life and only surrounded myself with things I love.

Whether it was writing blog posts, painting, listening to podcasts or designing stuff. Following my passions always made me feel at peace with myself and the world again and I’m sure that shaped a huge part of who I am today.

I love digging deep into my thoughts and excavating all of the important lessons life confronted me with so far. Analyzing and sharing them with my readers here on the blog enables me to offer solutions to other people who are on a similar life path. May it be personal development, skills & knowledge, personal life stories or just love messages for my readers – I write about what is important to me and offers value to people that want to listen.

Besides spreading love and positive thoughts, I enjoy sharing art, information and wisdom that is just too good not to be shared with the world.

A perfect day for me is waking up early in the morning and drinking a cup of hot chocolate. It’s a day full of productivity: Creating art, writing or reading a good book for hours outside in the sun. Having pizza for dinner and a good conversation and every now and then keeping up with TV shows and Podcasts I love.

My happiest childhood memory is being outside every single day and playing with kids from the neighborhood until we were tired and fell in our beds at night, not even knowing what a computer is.

If I could gain one quality or ability overnight it would most probably being able to talk and write in all languages that exist. I love getting to know a culture better through their language and let’s be honest, some writing systems just rock much more than Latin.

I love books, musicals, podcasts, great TV shows & movies, YouTube, travelling, spring & summer, art & design, writing, vegan chocolate & pizza, Asian countries & languages.

I dislike broken book spines, alcohol, horror movies, comma rules, excessive consumerism and the cold of winter.

If there’s one thing in the world I could change, I would get rid of money, since it’s the main reason for greed, hate, war and everything that sucks on this planet. Instead I would introduce a resource based economy where “to work” means to do whatever you’re passionate about and sharing the things you produce with everyone in this world.

If I could give you one piece of advice, I would tell you to not take yourself or other things too seriously. Think about yourself for a moment. Then expand that thought to your city, your country, the entire earth. Think about space and far beyond that. Really try to imagine it. Does it end somewhere? If so, what comes after that? How big is it really, and how tiny are we? Are we completely alone out there? Is someone watching us? See where I’m going with this?

I’m most grateful for love.