Leaving the country

I will be away for six months. I will do long term travel and I might come back by next year. The thing is, I have a lot of things in my apartment. I have sold one of them but actually, there are some things I don’t want to let go of .Those have a memory with me. I can’t even have it shipped back in my hometown because I know my sisters will just neglect them. Good thing I stumbled upon a nice post of my friend saying she loves the cheap self storage company she is currently using. Well, all have to do is place your things there and you know your things are secured and very safe. I am planning to talk with the company next week and I am excited. They said they will take care of my things while I am away and I aboslutey know they will.

My New Baby


I have a new baby which shall be added in the growing collection of my cameras. It has been months since I think of buying a new camera for myself. I have had a few cameras in my collection but I have the need to make an upgrade to have a better photography experience during my travels. Before, I was having a hard time in taking shots of beautiful sceneries. It does not capture full views which get me frustrated. So I decided that I will save money so I can buy a 360 grad kamera which best fit for my need.


I saved for six month and I even sold my old camera to add to my savings. Last week, I decided to purchase the one I like. I read reviews that it is better than any other cameras because it is durable, it has an upgraded feature perfect for travelers, and even lightweight which is right because I am always going places. As a photographer, you need to always invest on things and tool so your craft will get better and better. I am also planning to buy another one which I can use for other purposes and so that my first camera will be so much used.