A Weekend Itinerary to Vancouver

So, I’ve been checking out real estate, activities in Vancouver and I am thinking about taking a trip up to the Greater Vancouver area to look at some properties in the Burnaby area. I know that real estate prices just keep going up over there, and my family is considering investing in some land. It’s always tough to tell whether you should be investing in something when the prices are going up, but people have been refraining from investing over the last couple years, and had they invested they would have made Millions.

I’ve been in contact with a Vancouver Realtor who has told me to invest and has even suggested me to go check out Coal Harbour condos for sale, and he seems like a really trustworthy and knowledgeable guy. So, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do, but it’s a family decision and it’s not one that’s all in my hands anyway. So, in the meantime, I think there’s a lot of things to do in Vancouver and that area anyway.

Some of the things that we’re planning on doing, other than checking a real estate, include going to a Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey game, scaling Grouse Mountain, and taking a walking tour of downtown Vancouver, starting in Gastown. Those are some of the things that have been suggested. Also, we’re just going to eat a whole lot of sushi, since we’ll be coming to the coast from the mid west, and that kind of sushi is not available in all of the other places we’ve visited recently it that kind of price, and that level of freshness.


 So, technically, we’re going to check out some real estate and I’ve compiled a list of Burnaby condos for sale that I think are interesting, but also we’re just going to enjoy this city that keeps Landing in top five and top ten lists for most popular and interesting cities in the world. I’ve never been to Vancouver, but it seems like a really exciting place and I think it’s going to be a great experience.