Amazing Service

I love this amazing service my internet provider is giving me. Well, I have been their client for almost six years now and since then, I have not encountered any majr problem. Well, expect for a two glitches I ahd in the past, i am satisfied with their work. I also love their customer service.

When i got a new router, a couple of customer service providers came to my apartment and teach me and helped me to have wlan access point test service. I love how they taught me how. You know, I am not a techie and geeks person who knows all things about technical terms in managing a computer. But they just helped me with it and now, I am more abreast on knowing how to test a wifi router. I really love their service. You can call them 24/7 and if it is a holiday, someone will still call me to check on

You can call them 24/7 and if it is a holiday, someone will still call me to check on my  internet, I just love how they make an effort to help customers and for me, loyalty and having enough time for me is one way I am still sticking with them any time. Aside from that, their internet never sucks on my end which is why I am still a happy client up to now.

360 cameras

My Geeky Take on 360 Cameras

Everything You Need To Know About 360 Camera


In the past few years, technology has really evolved. The 21st century has been a game changer for the world of tech. From cellular phones to GPS, from personal computers to the internet.

Now One of the best inventions is the development of 360 cameras. These cameras consist of multiple cameras connected with each so that they all record at one instant producing a spherical image.

Our earth is spherical but we have been seeing it as flat for ages( I mean 2D images!). We have been recording all that videos in the wrong way just because we never thought that it could be possible to record all the surroundings in just one picture. Thanks to the universe of tech! which brought the best 360 camera for us. So, we could record all the details around us and see them from all the aspects. Flat pictures and videos are history now. Experts are convinced that Virtual reality( 360 cameras) will overtake the flat pictures in the coming future.

For those who don’t know about how “360 cameras” work

360 cameras


360 cameras consist of sets of minute cameras arranged in an order to record images from surroundings in an instant. Then these minute cameras process that detail into one spherical image. Actually, this mixing of several pictures and showing them as one is called stitching. By doing this you could see a picture with up and down, front and the back, also right and left.


In the past idea of 360 cameras was presented by some camera experts and they used sets of different cameras aligned at different angles and direction. Those sets of high-resolution cameras recorded videos which are later mixed by several algorithms and techniques. It was the work, of experts and it took lots of hard work to build something like that. Later, the idea evolved and few companies step forward to build cameras for public and enhance the user experience.

Now all the giant companies like google, youtube, and facebook are bidding on virtual reality and 360 experience. It would be a home run in the future.

Perks of 360

360 cameras could be used in many ways according to everyone’s taste. Like gamers could use it to enhance their gaming experience and their virtual reality experience in games. Not just gamers anyone can use it like a tourist could use it to capture some of the beautiful pictures in just one click (A 360 click!). A cyclist could use it to capture all the journey from every angle( interesting!).

A social person could share some awesome moments at facebook or youtube( any social platform) just for sharing the experience. Just imagine you want to visit some great library or theme park or anyplace you loved or dreamed about. But you never had experience of going there. But you can be there by seeing every detail of it in 360 videos( welcome to the Future!).

So, these are just a few examples how vast our future going to be. The future of virtual reality!

I am using a 360 cameras and it’s the best. Like I could capture every moment like from every angle(cool!). I bought that camera from “Here”. And since then I have been availing all the perks of it.

This technology was quite expensive in the start. But now some companies are producing some amazing 360 cameras with economical prices(Thanks to them!). So when I knew about some great offers at Here. I went for it and bought a cool camera so I could enjoy this new era of tech.

Guess what valentine’s day is on( yeah). It’s time to grab a cool gift for your valentine(what’s better than a camera). Or if you have bought your gift you could use this camera to capture some amazing lovely pictures with your valentine.

I strongly recommend you to buy a  360 cameras as you could see some great economical deals from “Here”.

Have a lovely day dears!

If you like this article leave a comment. Or if you are using some 360 cameras share your experience with us.

Leaving the country

I will be away for six months. I will do long term travel and I might come back by next year. The thing is, I have a lot of things in my apartment. I have sold one of them but actually, there are some things I don’t want to let go of .Those have a memory with me. I can’t even have it shipped back in my hometown because I know my sisters will just neglect them. Good thing I stumbled upon a nice post of my friend saying she loves the cheap self storage company she is currently using. Well, all have to do is place your things there and you know your things are secured and very safe. I am planning to talk with the company next week and I am excited. They said they will take care of my things while I am away and I aboslutey know they will.

My New Baby


I have a new baby which shall be added in the growing collection of my cameras. It has been months since I think of buying a new camera for myself. I have had a few cameras in my collection but I have the need to make an upgrade to have a better photography experience during my travels. Before, I was having a hard time in taking shots of beautiful sceneries. It does not capture full views which get me frustrated. So I decided that I will save money so I can buy a 360 grad kamera which best fit for my need.


I saved for six month and I even sold my old camera to add to my savings. Last week, I decided to purchase the one I like. I read reviews that it is better than any other cameras because it is durable, it has an upgraded feature perfect for travelers, and even lightweight which is right because I am always going places. As a photographer, you need to always invest on things and tool so your craft will get better and better. I am also planning to buy another one which I can use for other purposes and so that my first camera will be so much used.

My Favorite Accessory

I know every woman should have that certain, distinct time piece she should wear any day, anytime. Wearing a watch should always be in her wardrobe and in her style because that will make her more classy, sophisticated, and beautiful. I definitely recommend wearing the best wooden watches . They have an array of beautifully designed and simple watches you can choose from, which you can partner to just about anything you want.

You should buy a couple or more best wooden watches from them. Not only it is really, really stylish, it also makes a statement on your outfit. I am wearing right now a brown one, with fine details and my friends can’t help but always check my watch because it is such an awesome thing to see. I have three watches right now but this one is my favorite. I can wear it with just about anything on my wardrobe. Whether I am in the beach or I am having a client meeting, this one really stands out from other watch brands I have used before.

A Facial Buddy

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this Vitamin c serum for face… I just feel like I’ve never had something that allows me to have so much consistent confidence, and that’s so many stresses that have been playing in my life have just literally disappeared, all because of this wonderful serum and this fantastic cream, and it has just been a wonderful, fantastic, everything in proving situation, and everyone says that I am radiant. Radiant. Can you believe it? People saying that I’m radiant in that my skin is glowing and bride. Radiant. Someone who has struggled with this type of thing for their entire lives, feeling a lack of confidence because of their skin, all the sudden people are saying at your rating? What an incredible sentiment. For people to be noticing and letting you know that your skin is looking great when it has been something that is made you feel so yucky and lame for so long, and then all the sudden you’re being called a radiant? Is this all because of the amazing solution, this incredible vitamin C serum? I really do think that it might have a lot to do with it.


Great photography with camera filter

Do you have anything was photography filters is that some people see them as cheating, although I would definitely never go that far, I think that they are just useful for people who don’t have access to very expensive photo editing supplies or software. You see, it’s possible that filters can be used tastelessly, just like almost anything can be used tastelessly, but if it’s done in moderation, I see no possible downside to having these in the hands of the public. Seriously, I love them more people are posting great photography, and it really steps up the game of those who are supposed to be producing the best images. Not to mention, there are now many great stock photography sites on the line that have very high standards. The ones that have high standards generally choose a quality over quantity approach, which I don’t think would have been very possible even 10 or 15 years ago period but, today, there are so many millions of images that are constantly entering the online sphere, it is possible to Filter ones that have great qualities and that suit your taste, if you’re curating for some kind of stock photography platform. Sure, there are still lots of stock photography websites that choose quantity over quality, and every now and then you find a needle in a haystack can you get exactly what you’re looking for. A high-quality relevant image that does your product, site, or post justice. But, now that you can also go to niche sites that will supply a high-quality version of something more specifically what you’re looking for, this sort of outdated mass amount of photo database is becoming less and less relevant. Although, many are smart enough to have a search filter, and a comprehensive system of keywords. So I’ve noticed, at least.

Need to Go Out

I am quite bored here in my apartment. I have been sick for almost three days now. Nothing to worry about really. It’s just that I recently quit my job because I was tired of dealing with the traffic and all the people i need to interect with and so I am doing a freelance work now. And then this flu came and I need to take a rest for a couple of days. I mean i can’t afford to be sick all the time because my money will surely run  out  anytime. What if i get hospitalized? What if I wanted to travel now? I know choose this career so i really need to take care of myself. Any way, I am thinking to go out to the shopping mall tomorrow because I need to buy some new stuff. I think I need a new coffee maker because my old one just keep on disappointing me. And oh, some coffee beans too. I will have them ground in my sisters’ apartment. Hmm.. What else? I think I need new clothes too, and some watches,  Zegarki wooden watches maybe so amp up my outfits because my closet is a little boring these days. I am also eyeing to buy some new art materials for my desk, to spice it up. You see, i am a little boring these days because I have been on bed for days and i wasn’t able to clean my mess. My room is a total mess if you ask me. I need to get things organized or else I will get stucked! I need inspiration. Do you guys have suggestions maybe?


Canadians get Amazon Prime

Prime video, of course, is a series of shows and movies, it’s like a service kind of like Netflix, which was being included in American Amazon Prime packages and not being offered by Amazon Prime Canada, and it really annoyed a lot of Canadians. Going to reason, in my opinion. But, since December of 2016, Amazon Prime Video has been available in Canada, and it has been very popular. Right now, I think the only feature that America has over Canadian Amazon Prime is the speed of the delivery, and I think that this is something that will be amended in time as well. The thing is, right now, America’s population density is much more concentrated and and effective for a large-scale Amazon infrastructure than any area of Canada, really. I mean, there are very densely populated areas of Canada, and generally Amazon has been on that, and is offering same-day delivery in many of these areas. However, it’s not everywhere, here’s the thing, is that it is not even everywhere in the United States yet, it’s just in the densely populated areas. But, there’s no reason to believe that Amazon is not going to just continue to grow and grow and grow. Like I said, they purchased Whole Foods, which means that they’re going to probably start delivering food to upscale neighborhoods. Well, not just upscale neighborhoods, but generally Whole Foods is purchased by people who have a little bit more disposable income compared to the rest of society.So in general, I don’t think that I have a single knock against Amazon Prime Canada, and obviously I have a lot of really good things to say about the service in the way it’s being offered to Canadians right now. I think that if you’re a student in Canada, there is no reason why you should not be using Amazon Prime and it’s six month free trial.

Protecting the health


What’s the matter of fact, I know that this is the kind of thing that is so important, to have access to amazing Cancer survivor gifts. So, what else can I say about come other than the fact that they are the perfect place to go for breath kit breast cancer gifts gifts or anything like that, in my opinion there is nothing better in the world than getting somebody a healing property Crystal, something that can individually help them stimulate positive change in their life and in their house, especially somebody who is sick. In my opinion, it can be really awkward trying to figure out what to buy somebody who is suffering from a serious illness. And it’s hard enough to even have a genuine conversation, because this is really hard to put your grief in your pain into words, and have it not be about you, because obviously is going to be harder for the person who is ill and sick, and you never know what to get them, you don’t even know what to say to them. At least this is what happens in my experience. But, to tell you the truth, I truly believe that there’s nothing better, there’s no better idea when it comes to buying a gift for somebody, then something that can help them stimulate all sorts of a generation of beautiful things such as compassion, tranquility, and other important emotional values and support Concepts such as protection, you really can’t be too protective when it comes to your friends or family members who are having a hard time, and you can buy these healing crystals that specifically and protection into their Aura, which makes them stronger and less vulnerable in a negative way.